Wyden to read petition names during copyright filibuster

 But Internet companies and consumer advocacy groups argue the bill would impose unreasonable burdens on websites and could lead to censorship of the Internet.

Demand Progress is lobbying to kill the bill and has set up an online petition so people can urge their representatives to oppose it.   

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the Protect IP Act in May, but Wyden quickly announced he would place a hold on the measure.

A hold is a procedural maneuver in which a senator informs the chamber's leadership that he opposes bringing a measure to a vote and that he intends to extend the debate on the bill for as long as possible through a filibuster. It requires 60 votes to end a filibuster and proceed to a vote.

Demand Progress notes that in the past, senators have read the dictionary or cookbooks to delay a vote on a bill.

"Millions of Americans support Internet freedom. What better way to demonstrate our strength than to ask Senator Wyden to read our names into the record during his filibuster?" the group writes on its website. 

Wyden plans to enter any names that he doesn't read into the congressional record.

Demand Progress expects the measure to come up for a vote after Congress returns from its Thanksgiving recess.