Steve Jobs headed for postage stamp

The U.S. Postal Service wants to put Apple co-founder Steve Jobs on a stamp.

Jobs is set to appear on a 2015 collectible stamp, according to an advanced list of subjects approved for future stamps obtained by The Washington Post

The list of subjects indicated that the appearance of the Jobs stamp is in design and has not yet been approved.

Guitar icon Jimi Hendrix, the cartoon strip Peanuts and Hollywood legend Elizabeth Taylor are among the dozens of other planned upcoming subjects.

Stamp subjects are typically kept top-secret ahead of formal release, so the Postal Service can create a stir when new stamps come out. Subjects are chosen through a collaboration by the U.S. Postal Service and an outside committee appointed by the postmaster general.

In recent years, the Postal Service has dropped some of its longstanding restrictions on who can appear on stamps, in part of a bid to revamp its image and boost revenue.

While formerly limited to the deceased, the agency in 2011 announced that it would begin to publish images of people who are still alive.

The agency tries to prioritize stamps that depict great American individuals, achievements or events, but would break that rule with a stamp depicting Beatles singer John Lennon, planned for a “Music icons” series that has yet to be scheduled.