'Newt Romney' domain name already claimed

 "As we get closer and closer to the primary I'm feeling quite confident that these two candidates are going to be the last men standing, and very likely to need each others support once a winner is declared," Graham wrote in an email.

That's not exactly what Bachmann had in mind when she accused "Newt Romney" of being on the same side of issues as President Obama.

"It is very clear that there's not a dime's worth of difference between the two of them because both of them have advocated for the healthcare mandate," Bachmann said on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday.

Graham said he could be persuaded to sell the domain to Bachmann's campaign — for the right price.

"I'm a gambling man ... unlike [Texas Gov. Rick] Perry," Graham wrote, referring to Perry turning down Romney's $10,000 offer at the last Republican debate. "So deviating from my original bet before Newt anounces [sic] his VP seems a bit premature, but maybe Sen. Bachmann [sic] really wants this name, and thinks it will convince us of the double headed progressive monster these two men could become.....that's gotta be worth something."

Graham said he bought several related domains, including NEWTnROMNEY.com, NEWTandROMNEY.com and NEWTnMITT.com.