'Strong' ad generates social media buzz for Perry, mostly negative

 Perry was mentioned 221,296 times on Twitter, Facebook and certain blogs, according to Fizziology.

"Not only did this ad rain negativity upon Perry in social media, it also provided many people with content to create parodies of the video," the company explained in a report. "With this ad dominating conversation, his supporters were quiet, with very few if any signs of encouragement."

The report found 75 percent of the social media buzz was negative and only 7 percent was positive.

The "Strong" ad currently has nearly 700,000 "dislikes" and only about 23,000 "likes" on YouTube.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul had the most positive social media buzz among GOP candidates, with 178,519 mentions. About 59 percent of the mentions were positive and only 8 percent were negative, according to the report.

But negative attention might still be better than no attention; Jon Huntsman was the least buzzed-about major candidate, with only 3,505 mentions on social media sites.