Google, Iowa GOP team up for caucus results

Google and the Iowa Republican Party have teamed up to provide caucus night results on Tuesday.

Unofficial results will be posted online as they become available here and here.

Voting begins at 8 pm ET and it could be a late night for candidates and voters alike.

Here is how the caucus voting will go, according to a fact sheet from the Iowa Republican Party. Once the caucus begins, representatives from each campaign are given time to speak on behalf of their candidate. After the speeches, voting begins. The votes are counted in front of the caucus and a representative from each campaign is allowed to observe the counting. The results are then reported to the state Republican Party. Party officials then aggregate the results from around the state, announce them to the media, and post them online at the sites mentioned above.

Google is increasing its election year presence, including sponsoring a media center in Des Moines for reporters covering the caucuses. The "Google Hangout” area within the media filing center has food from local restaurants and a media stand-up area to shoot interviews, according to a release from the company.