T-Mobile CEO sees opportunities in Sprint merger

T-Mobile CEO John Legere said he “sure as hell” sees exciting opportunities in combining his company with Sprint, but he declined to comment on rumors about a merger of the two companies.

“On any specific deal that may or may not be going on, I really have no comment,” he said in an interview with Yahoo News published Friday.

But Legere said he sees the opportunity in a potential merger with Sprint to “use the access and capabilities of those two companies — and the economic prowess of the two owners — to create something really different and sustainable in the U.S. wireless industry.”

“But that’s a different type of question,” he said.

Legere expressed optimism that T-Mobile could merge with a company like Sprint, despite the fact that Sprint’s network uses a different kind of mobile technology to run its networks.

He pointed to T-Mobile’s acquisition last year of MetroPCS, which uses the same network technology as Sprint.

“Rather than mash together two complicated network technologies, what we’re doing is migrating the customers from one to the other over time,” he said.

Legere also said that the rumors that Sprint is interested in merging with T-Mobile have “been around for a long time.”

“That’s been floating around since at least 2012,” he said.

“Nothing particularly new there.”