Obama to field questions on Tumblr about college

President Obama will use the social networking site Tumblr to take live questions from the public next Tuesday, the White House said.

The discussion will be focused on education and the cost of college, and will be moderated by Tumblr founder and chief executive David Karp.

“Maybe you’ve just started to pursue a higher education. Maybe you’ve spent your adult life paying off debt from school. Either way, you’ve probably got questions about why college costs so much, what can be done about it, and if it’s even worth doing in the first place,” the Tumblr staff said in a post announcing the event. 

“You should ask those questions to the President of the United States.”

Questions are being accepted through a Tumblr site created for the event. They are due by midnight Sunday, ahead of the Tuesday event. 

The chat will be streamed on the White House’s website, and Tumblr will bring some users to Washington to attend in person.

“If having the President’s ear isn’t enough, maybe standing on his carpet is,” Tumblr's announcement said.