White House launches ethics site that Obama promised in 2008

“They are fulfilling this long, outstanding promise to build this one single website for all of this information,” Wonderlich said. “We're excited that they are fulfilling that promise.”

Watchdog groups including Sunlight had been working with the administration to help get the project off the ground.

The site offers a one-stop shop for searching White House Visitor Records, OGE travel reports, LDA data, the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Act data, FEC individual contribution reports, FEC candidate reports and FEC committee reports.

Wonderlich and others at Sunlight are reviewing the website. They plan to point out to the administration any discrepancies they find in the data and also push for other kinds of data to be posted, such as federal government contracts and officials' personal financial disclosure statements.

“The White House is playing a new role, which they haven't done before, which is provide a unified search and provide greater accountability for government officials,” Wonderlich said. “Hopefully, this turns the White House into a better ally in improving transparency as we work to improve these public disclosures.”