'Kony 2012' video dominates Twitter

Young people were also much more likely to hear about the video through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

More than one in four young adults in the United States said they had heard about the video on either Facebook or Twitter. One in 10 said they heard about it through traditional media platforms.

For older adults, the news sources were more mixed between traditional sources, such as newspaper or television, and social media sites. 

The Pew Center researchers noted that interest in the video first exploded when Oprah Winfrey tweeted about it. Television personality Ryan Seacrest responded to Winfrey's tweet, saying he was "blown away," leading to more attention for the video.

Responses to the video were overwhelmingly positive in the first few days, but people have become increasingly critical and skeptical, researchers found.

Although the video has brought attention to human-rights abuses, it also simplifies certain facts. For example, the video does not make clear that Kony fled Uganda in 2008.