FCC looks to give a boost to mobile

The Federal Communications Commission wants to give a boost to people’s mobile phones and tablets.

The commission on Friday announced that, at its meeting next month, it will take up a series of proposals to explore ways for companies to use more of the nation’s airwaves and build new antenna systems. The FCC will also look at an item to help broadcast companies share the same channel, which would incentivize them to give up their current spectrum licenses for wireless companies to bid on in next year's auction.

“Seizing the opportunities of mobile innovation is one of the FCC’s highest priorities,” Chairman Tom Wheeler wrote in a blog post.

“The wireless ecosystem is incredibly dynamic; constantly creating new and innovative services and applications for consumers and businesses. I look forward to working with my colleagues on these items to help build on our mobile momentum,” he added.

Wireless companies expressed immediate support for the commission’s proposals.

CTIA-The Wireless Association President Meredith Attwell Baker called the infrastructure plan an “important step to help boost America’s economy by providing shovel-ready jobs and meeting consumers’ demands for mobile Internet anytime, anywhere."

The FCC’s October meeting is set for the morning of Oct. 17.