News bites: Good news for Google

Google's investments in acquisitions and product launches are paying off, with Q1 revenue growth at 24 percent, the company announced on its blog. And as The Wall Street Journal explains, there's a stock split happening as well. 

Analysts predict the DOJ suit against Apple won't do much damage to the company in its battle with Amazon, nor will the company suffer horribly from a drop in e-book prices, says The New York Times's Bits blog.

The Stuxnet worm that damaged an Iranian nuclear facility was the result of an Israeli double agent with an infected thumb drive that installed the worm almost immediately upon insertion, as CNet reports here.

Users of Apple's MobileMe service in Germany could have problems now that a German court has ruled that MobileMe's push email infringes on a patent held by Motorola Mobility for a feature of Google's Android OS.