News bites: Verizon to offer data-sharing plans

Verizon could please kindergarten teachers across the country by rolling out shared data plans. The new plans could be available by mid-summer, Engadget reports. These plans should allow multiple users to share data charges across devices, much like family plans share minutes.

Hulu announced it will be the delivery vehicle for four more original series, bringing the total lineup to seven. The announcement comes as Netflix announced it will host an online revival of the popular series "Arrested Development," and as the Senate Commerce Committee plans to convene a hearing next week on the future of video entertainment and television. TechCrunch has the story here.

Facebook announced on its developer blog that it will enable IPv6 access next month, allowing developers to create platform apps using the next-generation Internet Protocol, which has far more possible IP addresses than the current IPv4 standard, which is quickly running out of addresses.

Microsoft reported a record third-quarter revenue of $17.41 billion for the period ending March 31, the company said in a press release. 

A German court ruled that YouTube didn't protect against copyright infringement adequately enough to escape liability. See this Reuters story.