News bites: Browser war flare-up edition

No, it's not 1997 — but it might seem like it. The makers of Mozilla Firefox, the browser descended from Netscape Navigator, which sparked the browser wars of the 1990s and the antitrust case that almost took down Microsoft, are now concerned that Microsoft is making it nigh on impossible to run its browser on some hardware platforms that are slated to run the next version of Windows. The Wall Street Journal has the story here.

Facebook announced the launch of its new App Center, a central repository where users can find social-enabled applications including Spotify, Draw Something and others. The announcement came on the company's official blog.

PC Magazine reports on how The Pirate Bay is scolding Anonymous "hacktivists" who have attacked websites on its behalf.

Deutsche Telekom is still looking to offload the customer-losing and cash-hemorrhaging T-Mobile, this time with the much-smaller-than-AT&T MetroPCS as a suitor, Bloomberg reports.