Coalition formed to oppose Verizon spectrum deal

A spokesman for T-Mobile said his company's opposition to Verizon’s deal is because of “it’s against the public interest.” The spokesman said it would result in excessive concentration of spectrum in the nation’s largest wireless carrier, which T-Mobile argues had already been sitting on spectrum.

Verizon’s proposed $3.6 billion deal with the cable companies Comcast, Time Warner, Bright House and Cox would allow it to buy wireless airwave licenses from the cable companies. They would also agree to cross-sell each other's services and pool their resources to research new technologies.

Comcast vice president for government communications Sena Fitzmaurice wasn't impressed, saying in a statement: “same PR firm, different day.”

“The groups organized by this PR firm have been sending out similar press releases, doing press conferences and filings at the FCC together for months,” she said. “There's nothing new here.”