Report: Iran seeks to file suit against cyberattackers

"The issue will be pursued as far as possible at the level of judicial bodies and in the framework of other cases which will be raised in the future," Majid Jafarzadeh, head of Iran's Presidential Center for International Affairs, said to FARS, Iran's semi-official news agency.

In 2010, computer systems operating Iran's nuclear enrichment program were hit by a cyberattack aimed at disrupting its operations. This spring The New York Times reported that the virus used to launch that attack, known as Stuxnet, was developed jointly by the United States and Israel in an effort to halt Iran's nuclear program. Meanwhile, the Flame virus discovered by security firm Kaspersky Lab this May was also targeted at computers in Iran, as well as other areas of the Middle East.

U.S. officials have to declined to comment on the Times' report about Stuxnet being developed in part by the United States.

Jafarzadeh also told FARS that once the necessary evidence is procured "effective measures will be adopted by the Presidential Center for International Legal Affairs against the masterminds of these cyberattacks." However, he did not specify which court Iran would file the potential suit.