Uber wins victory in UK

Uber wins victory in UK

A key component of the service operated by ride-hailing giant Uber is legal, a court in London ruled on Friday, according to the BBC.

The London High Court ruled that Uber's signature smartphone application was not a taxi meter. It is illegal for car services to use meters under British law.

A judge said that the application's reliance on GPS data and other features distinguished it from standard meters.

The case was brought by an association of taxi drivers. The BBC reported that they could challenge the ruling.

Uber still faces the prospect that the mayor of London could crack down on its service, but the decision is a victory for the company in Europe, where its fast-and-furious expansion strategy has been met by heavy resistance.

Two Uber executives are currently facing several charges in France, including operating an illegal taxi service. The company successfully delayed the trial earlier this month.

The company also has been challenged in U.S. courts, including over its labor practices.