Rockefeller: Moving-company scammers gaming Google

Rockefeller asked the companies to "review" his findings to improve their search results. 

He said that Internet search is a "powerful tool," but that the committee's investigation "shows that a number of moving companies are using Internet-based commerce to take advantage of consumers."

The investigation found that many companies promise customers to move their goods at one rate but then dramatically increase the costs once they have the people's belongings. The companies demand that the customers pay the higher rate to get their items back. 

A Google spokeswoman said the company makes 500 changes to refine its search algorithm every year and that it made a significant update in April aimed at combating link abuse schemes.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it harder for scammers to trick consumers, so we appreciate the specifics the committee provided. Sen. Rockefeller’s concerns point out how important it is that search engines continue to have the ability to constantly and quickly improve our results for our users,” the spokeswoman said.