France won't seek prison time for Uber execs

France won't seek prison time for Uber execs
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French prosecutors aren’t seeking prison time for two Uber executives facing charges.

Prosecutors trying Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty and Thibaud Simphal asked the court on Friday to impose fines and penalties on the two men, but not to hand down a prison sentence, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Prosecutors have charged Gore-Coty, an executive with authority over Western Europe and other territories, and Uber’s French chief Simphal on counts tied to running an illegal taxi service and improper handling of customer data. Their trial began last week.

A prosecutor asked that the court to ban both men from running a company for five years and levy fines against them and Uber, according to the Journal.

The defense says the charges are baseless because the men had little decision-making power over Uberpop, a service similar to UberX in the United States that has drawn the most negative attention in France.

The trial is the culmination of a months-long battle between Uber and French authorities. The two men have been charged with violating a law that the company contends was passed only to inhibit the operation of Uberpop. The company ultimately suspended the service.

Uber was also the subject of violent protests among taxi drivers in France that saw drivers burn tires and reportedly attack Uber drivers over their objections to the service.