Lyft accuses rival Uber of 'witch-hunt'

Lyft accuses rival Uber of 'witch-hunt'

Lyft said in court filings this week that rival ride-hailing service Uber is using litigation related to a 2014 to conduct a “witch-hunt," according to Reuters.

In court filings Thursday, Lyft asked the court to stop Uber from asking for more of its confidential information and said that a request from the company was an attempt “to dig into its competitor's internal, confidential and trade-secret information,” Reuters reported.

The back-and-forth between the two companies is related to a data breach in 2014 that exposed the information of thousands of Uber drivers. The company has sued for the ability to investigate the hack further.

An IP address with access to the security key needed to access the driver information has reportedly been linked to a Lyft employee. That address was not the one that committed the data breach, however.

Thursday’s statements from Lyft are part of a filing in a class-action lawsuit filed by Uber drivers about the breach, according to Reuters.

The company said Uber has made “abusive and harassing” requests for Lyft’s information. Reuters reported that Uber has asked for a wide array of data and information related to the Lyft employee whose IP address has been linked to the security key.

The two companies are competitors in the ride-hailing market. Uber is much larger than Lyft, and has invested heavily in global expansion. Lyft has partnered with a smattering of global ride-hail providers, including Chinese startup Didi Kuaidi, to help create a global alliance.