Obama meets again with tech bigwigs

Case released a statement saying the discussion was on a range of tech-related topics.

"I was encouraged by today's meeting with President Obama, senior White House officials, and members of the technology community," Case said in his statement. "We discussed a range of policy reforms that will help improve the environment for entrepreneurship in the United States."

The discussion also focused on reforming the country's immigration system and the existing immigration rules for highly educated and skilled foreign workers, Case continued.

"In particular, we spoke at length about the urgent need to fix our high skilled immigration system, so that the world’s most talented innovators and entrepreneurs can contribute to job creation here in the United States." Case continued. "We noted immigration is not just a problem to solve; it's also an opportunity to seize, to ensure we remain the world's most entrepreneurial nation."

Case also mentioned the bipartisan group of senators that have been working on a large immigration reform bill. The group is commonly referred to as the "Gang of Eight." 

"We applauded the president for his focus on immigration and indicated we are grateful that the Senate's bipartisan 'Gang of Eight' appears to be making progress on a comprehensive immigration bill that includes a robust package of high-skilled reforms," Case added. "This is a moment, and we need to seize it."

Ramsey of TechNet, a trade organization that represents top tech companies, said in a statement that the president also talked about the need for tax reform and improvement to education programs in the so-called STEM fields--science, technology, match and engineering.