Facebook, Samsung join ITI lobby group

"ITI has a proven track record when it comes to tackling complex policy issues that affect the broad tech community and that experience will help us as we continue to find ways to promote an innovation focused policy environment in Washington," Joel Kaplan, Facebook's vice president of U.S. public policy, said in a statement.

ITI already represents Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and other major technology companies. 

Garfield argued that unlike the numerous other technology-focused lobbying groups in Washington, the ITI has a broad agenda and addresses international issues.

"We do our work on a global basis, which none of the other entities do," Garfield said.

Facebook has been an established force in Washington for several years, but Samsung so far only has a limited presence, despite being one of the world's largest companies. The South Korea-based device maker spent only $30,000 lobbying Washington policymakers in the most recent quarter, according to disclosure forms.