Top tech editor didn't disclose he was working for Apple

A deputy editor of tech news publication The Verge simultaneously worked for Apple for several months, but didn't disclose that fact publicly or to his employers, The Verge's editor in chief said Friday.


Chris Ziegler accepted a job at Apple in July, but continued working for a news outlet covering the company without telling his bosses, The Verge editor-in-chief Nilay Patel wrote.


It was only after The Verge found out about his double employment that they terminated him.


Ziegler actively worked for The Verge in July while employed by Apple, but was out of contact for most of August and September, Patel said. 


"During that period, in the dark and concerned for Chris, we made every effort to contact him and to offer him help if needed," he wrote.


Patel said an investigation by The Verge found that Ziegler's conflict of interest "did not have any impact on editorial decisions or journalism produced at The Verge or elsewhere in Vox Media."


"We're confident that there wasn't any material impact on our journalism from these issues, but they are still serious enough to merit disclosure."


It's unclear what role Ziegler has at Apple.


Neither Ziegler nor Apple have returned requests for comment. 

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