Yahoo urges US to be clear about data orders

Yahoo urges US to be clear about data orders
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Yahoo sent a letter to National Intelligence director James Clapper on Wednesday urging the U.S. government to provide clearer information to citizens on national security demands for user data.

Yahoo’s letter called for intelligence groups to confirm if future reported demands for data are real, and if they are, declassify them with context for the public.

“Recent news stories have provoked broad speculation about Yahoo’s approach and about the activities  and representations of the U.S. government.” Yahoo wrote in their letter to Clapper.

“That speculation results in part from lack of transparency and because U.S. laws significantly constrain — and severely punish — companies’ ability to speak for themselves about national security related orders even in ways that do not compromise U.S. government investigations."

Yahoo clarified in a statement that while they referenced allegations regarding their own dealings with U.S. intelligence, their letter “is intended to set a stronger precedent of transparency for our users and all citizens who could be affected by government requests for user data.”

Over the past month, the internet company has suffered large blows in the media.

In late September, the company confirmed a record security breach in which 500 million accounts were hacked. In October reports surfaced that that Yahoo scanned its users emails at the behest of U.S. intelligence.