Carney: US 'will do all it must' to protect computer systems from hackers

Donilon met with Chinese officials in Beijing early this week to lay the groundwork for President Obama's upcoming meeting with his counterpart, President Xi Jinping. Obama is expected to raise the issue of cybersecurity during the meeting late next week in California.

"I think we have been clear in our concern about cybersecurity, our concern about the fact there have been cyber intrusions emanating from inside China," Carney said.

The national security issue has elevated tensions between the two countries over the past year.

Several reports have attributed cyberattacks against U.S. companies and the government to the Chinese military and government. The latest example is a report from The Washington Post this week alleging that Chinese hackers accessed designs for more than two dozen critical U.S. weapons systems.

China has denied the accusations included in these reports. 

Erik Wasson contributed to this report