News bites: US plans to continue surveillance program

A senior U.S. intelligence official tells The Associated Press there currently are no plans to end the National Security Agency's controversial data-collection program, noting it continues to receive support in Congress.

Tech companies are in an uncomfortable position when it comes to government spy programs because they have to secretly hand over data to the government while being careful about what they can publicly say about it to consumers and investors, Andrew Ross Sorkin of The New York Times writes.

SoftBank has upped its offer for Sprint by $1.5 billion, raising it to $21.6 billion, the AP reports.

A debate over the trade-off between national security and privacy in Congress faces tough obstacles because of classified information, according to The New York Times.

Apple announced it is coming out with the biggest redesign in iPhone software since the mobile phone was first released, as well as a new streaming radio service, The Wall Street Journal reports.