Obama administration backs Samsung ban

U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said Tuesday that he would not reverse the decision, meaning certain Samsung products can no longer be imported into the United States.

Froman cited the limited scope of the ruling as a factor in the decision to uphold the commission’s decision.

“The order includes a list of devices that the USITC determined did not infringe the two patents at issue” and “expressly states that these devices and any other Samsung electronic media devices incorporating the approved design-around technologies are not covered” by the ban, he said.

“I do not believe that concerns with regard to enforcement related to the scope of the order, in this case, provide a policy basis for disapproving it.”

In a statement, a Samsung spokesman said the company is “disappointed” by the decision.

“It will serve only to reduce competition and limit choice for the American consumer,” the spokesman said.

Earlier this year, Apple faced a similar USITC ban over Samsung’s claims of patent infringement, but the administration reversed the commission’s decision, allowing the import of the banned Apple devices, which included older iPhones. 

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