Microsoft encourages Internet use for kids

The survey asked parents to identify the age at which they would give their children “unsupervised access to technologies such as mobile devices, social sites and online services.”

At 94 percent, “almost all parents … allow their kids to use at least one online service or device,” the company’s Director of Online Safety Kim Sanchez wrote in the post.

“While some might dismiss the age question, the fact is the interactions children experience online and through gaming actually condition their interpersonal skills,” Sanchez wrote.

“Setting kids up for success early is important,” she wrote. “There is no magic age, but rather, parents should take into consideration the appropriateness for their individual family and responsibility or maturity level of their child.”

Microsoft encouraged parents to talk to their kids about finding age-appropriate materials and increasing privacy on social networks.

This year, the FTC rolled out its updated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act rule. The rule applies to child-directed sites and apps and prohibits them from collecting personally identifiable data — including IP addresses and location information — from users under the age of 13 without parental consent.