Google to launch tools to combat attacks, surveillance

uProxy is a browser extension “that lets friends provide each other with a trusted pathway to the web, helping protect an Internet connection from filtering, surveillance or misdirection,” the post said.

Project Shield will help websites defend themselves from distributed denial of services attacks, the post said. The tool is currently being tested by “webmasters serving independent news, human rights, and elections-related content.”

The Digital Attack Map will show “real-time anonymous traffic data related to [distributed denial of service] attacks on free speech, and also lets people explore historic trends and see related news reports of outages happening on a given day.”

Barriers to free expression on the Internet “can include everything from filters that block content to targeted attacks designed to take down websites,” the post said.

“For many people, these obstacles are more than an inconvenience—they represent full-scale repression.”

The unveiling of the three new tools comes in the middle of this week’s summit on “Conflict in a Connected World” being hosted in New York City by Google Ideas, the Council on Foreign Relations and Gen Next Foundation.