Report: Uber fires exec who obtained rape victim's medical records

An Uber executive obtained the medical records of a passenger in India who accused one of the company's drivers of raping her during a ride, according to Recode.

The executive, Eric Alexander, was fired after the news site approached the company about the story.

The move comes one day after Uber fired more than 20 people as the result of an investigation into the startup's workplace culture.

When Recode asked Uber if Alexander was among the group that was let go, a spokesperson said he still employed at the company. When Recode later asked about his possession of the rape victim's medical records, the site was told that Alexander was no longer with Uber.

A spokesperson for the ride-sharing company confirmed to The Hill that Alexander is no longer at Uber.

According to the report, which cites multiple unnamed sources, Alexander obtained the medical records of a 26-year-old woman in New Delhi who had accused an Uber driver of raping her. The driver was later sentenced to life in prison.

Alexander reportedly showed the records to other executives as the company, including embattled CEO Travis Kalanick, and its leadership suggested that an Uber competitor had faked the incident.

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