Hutchison weighs in on net neutrality

She's also wary of applying any net neutrality regulations to wireless networks and services. "My fear is that limiations on network management for wireless companies will inevitably require significant upgrades to existing networks, the cost of which may be borne by consumers in the form of higher prices or reduced coverage."

Hutchison asked eight detailed questions and requested Genachowski respond to them by Oct. 21. A few examples:

  • Do you believe that service providers should be allowed to offer enhanced or managed services (including priority delivery) for a fee to third parties and content providers if doing so does not impact the quality of service available to other consumers?
  • Do you believe that the Commission has the authority to include all members of the Internet community, including search engine providers, in any neutrality framework the Commission adopts in its rules?
  • Are there steps that you can take as Chairman, or that you would recommend, to ensure that the record in the forthcoming proceeding includes the views of [small communications providers]?