Verizon, Sprint support texting-while-driving ban

“Sprint supports state legislation which bans texting while driving and we support federal legislation which does the same," she said. "Distracted driving is dangerous and as research shows, texting while driving is extremely dangerous. We look forward to working with legislators interested in taking this step.”

Last month, in response to comments by Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, the wireless industry's trade association, CTIA, partnered with the National Safety Council to launch a safe driving education campaign urging teens to stay off the phone while driving.

"We support state and local legislation that would ban texting for all drivers and place wireless use restrictions on teens and novice drivers," said CTIA CEO Steve Largent. "We agree with Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood's recommendation that distracted driving legislation should be developed and enforced by state and local governments."

So maybe the industry lobbyists were first. At any rate, no one seems to be lobbying against the legislation.

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