72 House Democrats question net neutrality

Six dozen House Democrats, including Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-NY), sent a letter (pdf) to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski today urging the agency "to carefully consider the full range of potential consequences that government action may have on network investment."

"Like you, we believe in a transparent, data-driven process and stand ready to work with you on measures that will spur adoption and expand the use of broadband networks. But we remain suspicious of conclusions based on slogas rather than substance and of policies that restrict and inhibit the very innovation and growth that we all seek to achieve," the letter reads.

The letter is the latest addition to a growing record of opposition against the net neutrality proposals the FCC will take the first step in implementing at its meeting next week. Yesterday, the Communicaitons Workers of America labor union sent a letter to the FCC arguing that new regulation could put a "near-freez on capital investment by telecom companies" and could have an adverse reaction on job creation.

"The Commission undertakes this rulemaking at a time of 10 percent unemployment," CWA wrote. "The Commission must ensure that this rulemaking does not have an adverse impact on investment and job creation in what continues to be one of the few dynamic sectors in an otherwise dismal economy."