Markey, Eshoo encourage FCC rulemaking

After a slew of letters to the FCC from lawmakers against net neutrality, Rep. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) and Rep. Anna Eschoo (D-Calif.), sent a letter (pdf) with a more positive tone late Monday afternoon.

"The continued success of the Internet is dependent upon an open architecture that allows anyone with a good idea or innovative product to compete on a global scale...These rules should provide certainty both for entrepreneurs and Internet users. We believe your proposed rules are designed to preserve openness and unfettered access for all lawful content, applications and services for American consumers. Indeed, that is precisely the kind of regulatory predictability that markets require."

Markey and Eshoo said they are "pleased" with the rulemaking and they "look forward to working" with the FCC as it "moves forward with its common-sense approach to preserving the Internet's success now and in the future."

The two lawmakers sponsored legislation that would require Internet service providers to treat all traffic equally.