AT&T reacts to net neutrality rulemaking

In case you missed my story in the paper this morning, AT&T has intensely lobbied against the FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski's plans to enact non-discrmination rules on the Internet.

Jim Cicconi, AT&T's senior executive vice president of external and legislative affairs, issued the following statement in response to the FCC's vote this morning to open the net neutrality proceeding:

"AT&T shares both President Obama's and Chairman Genachowski's vision of an open Internet-an Internet with a level playing field that benefits consumers and stimulates investment, innovation, and jobs. 

"Over the past several weeks, we and many others have expressed concern that the FCC's original NPRM, as reported, would be significantly at odds with these objectives.  Today's action by the FCC has allayed a number of our concerns, and while there are crucial issues remaining, we are encouraged by the Commission's action.  In particular, we appreciate that Chairman Genachowski has demonstrated that he is open to the industry's concerns and willing to address those he feels have merit. 

"As this rulemaking proceeds, we are hopeful that the chairman's positive approach, and his willingness to engage substantively with all stakeholders, will allow for a fair resolution of significant remaining issues. We are also hopeful that recent developments, which demonstrate the possibility of consensus within the Internet industry on key net neutrality issues, will inform the FCC's rulemaking process as it moves forward."