Tech group wants Obama to pick up the pace on cybersecurity

Tech America wrote a letter to the White House asking for the swift appointment of a cybersecurity chief Friday.

While the president has paid lip service to cybersecurity as a high priority for his administration, the group says waiting for an official coordinator could give opportunities to cyber criminals waiting to pounce on weak systems.

"The urgency for progress in cybersecurity remains, and, therefore, so does the need for the appointment of a qualified, credible, senior level official to the cybersecurity coordinator post," wrote Phillip Bond, presdient of Tech America. "Ideally, such an individual would have relevant experience in both government and industry in order to truly reflect the shared roles and responsibilities in cybersecurity. We realize that such assignments require measured deliberation. We look forward to optimizing the momentum you have provided with the timely appointment of the cybersecurity coordinator."

The letter follows a series of meetings between industry executives and members of Congress and the administration on the importance of more cooperation between the private sector and government on this front, Tech America said.

Here's the letter.