House GOP launches social media crusade against health care package

House Majority Leader John Boehner this morning introduced a new tool to help in the Republican push back against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's health care package.

House GOP Members are using Amplify.com, an interactive blog-like platform, to break down the bill section by section, explaining each piece in understandable language and getting feedback from the public. Visitors can go healthcaretruth.amplify.com, leave their own comments and share sections via Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools.

"As our members read the bill and uncover harmful provisions, Amplify allows us to clip specific portions and explain what they mean in plain English," wrote Nick Schaper, Boehner's new media director, in an email. "It's our hope that through this effort, we can help Americans understand just what 1,990 pages of bureaucracy really means to them and their families."

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