Reports Galore

A slew of reports have been released over the past couple of days. For your reading pleasure, a list of links:

--The Pew Internet and American Life Project released survey results showing that Americans are not as socially isolated as was once thought. In fact, people's use of mobile phones and the Internet, particularly sites like Facebook, has resulted in "larger and more diverse discussion networks."

--The Information Technology and Innovation Foundation issued a report saying that broadband adoption levels are low in the U.S., and driving demand for broadband will help spur additional deployment of networks. A few of its recommendations for boosting adoption: Supporting innovative pricing plans by ISPs, use E-Rate funds to help defray the osts of low-income families owning a computer, and pass along cost savings to citizens that use e-government services.

--The Computer and Communications Industry Association released a white paper yesterday arguing that the Social Security Adminstration is approaching an IT nightmare because the old IBM mainframe systems it has used for more than two decades is not compatible with more modern databases built with open-source software. "We cannot afford to store our vital national records in the electronice equivalent of ancient hieroglyphics whos meaning can only be gleaned by an ever-diminishing handful of experts," the report said.

--The Kauffman Foundation released a study showing that young companies are primary drivers of job creation in the United States. Kauffman's analysis of Census data shows that "companies less than five years old created nearly two-thirds of the net new jobs in 2007."