Rockefeller seeks info from online retailers

      "It is my understanding that Priceline.com is currently partnered with Affinion and engages in these controversial practices in its online business. Priceline.com apparently allows Affinion to present enrollment offers to its online customers as they check out of the Priceline.com site, and has agreed to pass Priceline.com customers’ billing information, including their credit card or debit card numbers, to Affinion via a so-called 'data pass' process.
       The Committee has been investigating allegations that these post-transaction offers, when combined with the 'data pass' billing process, confuse online consumers and cause them to unknowingly and inadvertently become enrolled in membership clubs offered by Affinion. These consumers are then charged on a monthly basis for a service they did not want and are unaware they have."

Rockefeller asked if the company had received any complaints from customers and if customers are aware of the business arrangement. He requested answers by Nov. 14.