Delay in Google Books settlement deadline

Google and the Authors Guild have been granted a delay in the deadline to turn in the new version of their Google Books settlement.

The original deadline was tonight at 11:59 p.m. Google and the Authors Guild asked for an extension until Friday, Nov. 13.

"The parties have been in discussions with the Department of Justice both prior to and since the Oct. 7 status conference," wrote attorney Michael Boni in the appeal to U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin. "We met with the Department as recently as this past Friday, Nov. 6. In light of the above, the parties respectfully request this additional time to file the motion."

Chin approved the request this afternoon.

The Authors Guild and American Publishers Association sued Google in 2005 over copyright infringement in Google's book-scanning efforts that would create a massive digital library. The parties announced a $125 million settlement this year. Lawmakers held a hearing on the settlement, which was opposed by the U.S. Copyright Office. But the Justice Department raised questions about the settlement, and the parties went back to the drawing board. The Justice Department did, however, say that if the right changes were made, Google Books could offer a number of benefits to consumers.