Clyburn, Baker get bulk of lobbying attention

Lobbyists and corporate executives are targeting the newest members of the Federal Communications Commission in the high-stakes fight over regulating the Internet.

Meredith Attwell Baker, the newest Republican commissioner, or her aides have held at least seven meetings with officials representing both sides of the debate since the FCC voted three weeks ago to move forward with a rulemaking effort on network neutrality, according to a review of close to 100 records at the FCC.

Meanwhile, Mignon Clyburn, the newest Democratic commissioner, or her aides have at had at least three meetings on the issue.  

Meetings with those two commissioners on net neutrality make up more than half of 18 held at the FCC on the issue since the rulemaking was announced on Oct. 22. 

Take a look at the full story Kevin Bogardus and I wrote based on our analysis of FCC ex-parte notices from the past three weeks.