FCC MySpace page attracts some indecent comments

Yesterday the FCC launched a MySpace page. (See previous post.)

Today there are about a dozen comments that are, well, colorful.

One calls the FCC "America's number one unconstitutional waste of money."

Another demands: "Pay me back the 7 cents you charge for every cable bill."

Adam Thierer, President of the Progress and Freedom Foundation, listed a few other outlandish comments that were posted on the site in the past 24 hours.

Thierer poses this question: Will the FCC censor it's own MySpace page in accordance with its own indecency rules?

An FCC spokesman said the agency has a policy that allows it to moderate comments and remove obscene or inappropriate content on the blogs it runs. The FCC is applying that policy to the MySpace page until it comes up with more specific moderation guidelines. 

Here's the moderation policy for its Blogband blog on Broadband.gov.

That's probably why a few of the comments Adam mentions in his blog are no longer visible today.