Have transparency efforts been effective?

On The Hill's Pundits Blog, Craigslist founder Craig Newmark write a short entry about deputy chief technology officer Beth Noveck's work to make the White House and the government at large more transparent and open--two of this administration's favorite words.

But the comments left by readers weren't too friendly.

One reader who goes by the name "Wiinfield," wrote, "Slogans and catch phrases don't cut it anymore. This admin had better start showing proof through actions of being transparent not through words."

Another by the name "Stevecan" wrote, "The Obama Administration is taking unprecedented strides toward creating the most secretive and unaccountable government in history."

Technology officials within the administration have launched a few projects designed to open up government information: Data.gov and Recovery.gov are two of them.

Since their launches, there hasn't been much talk about their effectiveness. What do you think? Are they useful? If not, what should the administration be doing instead?