Ebay, Craiglist face off in court

California Governor hopeful and ex-Ebay CEO Meg Whitman took the stand this morning during the opening day of trial in a Delaware court over a legal scuffle with Craigslist.com.

Whitman (pictured here), who is running for the Republican nomination for California governor, and former employer Ebay, sued Craigslist last year for diluting its ownership position, which caused Ebay to lose its board seat with the privately held Web classified service.

Ebay now owns less than 25 percent of Craigslist, according to AllThingsD.com. Ebay wants an increased stake and increased say in Craigslist's strategy.

Craigslist was founded 14 years ago by Craig Newmark, a frequent blogger for The Hill. Even though the site offers free listing services, it does charge for some real estate and jobs listings in key markets and makes a healthy profit.  The company, in past statements, has indicated its discomfort with Ebay's stake and efforts to control more of the classified ad market.

Craiglist filed its own suit against Ebay for using confidential information to create a competing classified site, called Kijiji.

Josh Silverman, president of Skype, which Ebay recently spun off, was once a Craigslist board member and helped develop Ebay's own classified service.

Skype, as we've reported, has a stake in the net neutrality fight currently being waged in Washington.

Quite a tangled mess, but interesting for involving so many names that bridge the tech and politics scenes.