GAO: FCC's wireless oversight not up to par

“GAO has pinpointed one key reason for consumer dissatisfaction – early termination fees charged by carriers – which raises concerns both from a consumer protection and a competition standpoint.  In the digital age, where technology can change overnight, consumers should not be chained to their wireless provider for years through exorbitant early termination fees,” he said.

“The GAO report shows that a large majority of wireless phone users are satisfied with their wireless service.  This is good news, and the wireless industry deserves credit for serving the majority of its customers well,” said Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), Chairman of the Energy and Commerce Committee. 

“However, the report also suggests that millions of consumers still experience problems related to billing, fees, and customer service.  Although I believe robust competition between wireless carriers is the best way to protect consumers, it is critical that the FCC, Congress, and the wireless industry monitor this situation closely and be prepared to act in the best interests of consumers.”