FCC chairman masters Twitter

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski showed staffers and lobbyists last night that he has a sense of humor, with a bit of help from Twitter.

Genachowski used Twitter to deliver the funniest punch-lines of his speech, making light of some of his agency's biggest issues: the Comcast-NBC merger, a looming spectrum shortage, net neutrality and expanding broadband.

Here are a few of the Tweets from the fake Twitter feed displayed behind him at last nights annual "telecom prom."

(Before Genachowski even got going, the CEOs of Comcast and NBC earned some goodwill with the first tweets.)

Brian_Roberts: U R Hilarious! Best chairman's dinner ever!

Jeff_Zucker: Totally Agree!

(Genachowski talks about how transformative the invention of the Internet has proven to be.)

Al_Gore: Thanks for the shout out.

(He goes on to talk about how an open Internet will create jobs and spur economic development, which was a bitter pill for AT&T's top lobbyist)

Jim_Cicconi: YOU LIE!!!

(Genachowski continues to discuss the merits of net neutrality, sparking an imagined exchange between Free Press lobbyist and vocal net neutrality supporter Ben Scott and Cocmast's Roberts)

Ben_Scott: Has anyone else noticed the wait staff has prioritized service to the Comcast table?

Brian_Roberts: C'mon--that's just reasonable dinner management.

(Genachowski then touches on the need for more spectrum to keep up with the demand for wireless services. Gordon Smith, president of National Association of Broadcasters, and Blair Levin, head of the FCC's broadband task force, then butt heads--Levin has suggested taking spectrum from broadcasters that aren't using it efficiently.)

Gordon_Smith: Did Blair just take my dessert?

Blair_Levin: You weren't going to eat all of it.