Copenhagen, Tiger Woods hot topics on Web

According to Google, society can't seem to decide which it cares about more:  climate change decisions by world leaders or the sordid affairs of Tiger Woods.

Copenhagen and Tiger Woods jockeyed for the top spot on Google's "hot topics" list over the past two days. The hot topics feature, which launched Monday, is part of Google Trends and not only counts searches, but also what people are blogging, tweeting, linking and clicking in real time.

Copenhagen was the most popular topic until President Barack Obama's acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize. Then it started to taper off, according to Google.

But interest in Copenhagen will likely pick back up as meetings get underway. There are already 15,000 people there, and more 150 dignitaries are expected to attend. At its peak next week, 18,000 people are expected to be in attendance.

In fact, U.S. advertisers--environmental groups, mostly--have bought ads on Google targeting U.S. officials in Copenhagen. The ads will only appear to Internet users in the city. That way, when visiting officials fire up their laptops, environmental and advocacy groups will still be able to reach their target audience.

Unless, of course, they get distracted by the text messages from yet another mistress of Tiger Woods.