ICANN gets new lobbyist

Jamie Hedlund will soon take over as ICANN's lobbyist, replacing Paul Levins who is moving back to his native Australia.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which manages domain names and Internet's underlying infrastructure, is experiencing a lot of change. In September, an agreement was reached with the Commerce Department to shift more control of the system to other governments, causing some in Congress to worry about the reduced U.S. influence. ICANN is also planning to introduce new top level domain names, like .eco, .food, .wine, etc., which is controversial with Web-based companies who don't want to have to buy a whole host of new domain names to prevent cyber-squatting.

Hedlund is now vice president for regulatory affairs at the Consumer Electronics Association. It's a good thing Hedlund is switching jobs until the end of the month--he's probably needed at CEA's major event--the Consumer Electronics Show--taking place in Las Vegas right now.

Before that, he was director of public policy for Yahoo after serving as a staff attorney at the FCC.