Mignon Clyburn's new year's resolution: Learn to type on a touch-screen iPhone

MIgnon ClyburnFCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn set an ambitious goal for herself in 2010 — learn to type on an iPhone’s touch screen. Clyburn set the goal during a pre-holiday interview with The Hill.

Mignon, the daughter of House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-S.C.), is a whiz on the BlackBerry (as are most Washingtonians), having spent hours dedicated to the device.

But the iPhone? She hasn’t quite mastered that yet.

Maybe she’ll have a chance to practice on some new touch-screen handsets at the Consumer Electronic Show this week. Clyburn arrives at the big show in Las Vegas on Thursday, and is on a panel with me on Saturday. Perhaps she can try out a new Google Nexus One phone, too.

She’ll be the lone Democratic voice on the panel, which also includes Republican Commissioners Meredith Attwell Baker and Robert McDowell.

I’ll be sure to check in on her iPhone skill-building progress.