FCC wants more time on broadband plan

LAS VEGAS — The Federal Communications Commission has asked Congress for a four-week extension on the deadline to deliver a national broadband plan.

Chairman Julius Genachowski asked for the extension to have more time to "fully brief commissioners, to get additional input from stakeholders and to fully digest the exhaustive record before the agency," said Colin Crowell, senior counselor to Genachowski.

He added, "The FCC has been given an enormous responsibility by Congress to create a broadband plan that reflects our highest aspirations as a country. Over the last several months, the commission has embarked upon an unprecendented and open, public process. The agency's staff has been exemplary in its work in meeting this challenge."

Word that the FCC had requested the extension came out Wednesday night when Republican Commissioner Robert McDowell expressed his disappointment in the delay (see previous post).

Questions about the deadline will undoubtedly be brought up here at the Consumer Electronics Show. Policymakers were scheduled to discuss broadband efforts at 10:30 a.m. local time (1:30 p.m. Washington time).

How will Congress react?