Free Press fires back over net neutrality op-ed

Free Press fired back this morning with its own op-ed, calling Art + Labs a "thinly veiled front group for AT&T, Verizon and handful of big media companies that has hired a crew of flacks and shills to attack anyone who dares to question the wisdom and benevolence of Ma Bell."

Silver and Craig Aaron, Free Press Project Director, called Keen "incendiary."

"What’s remarkable is that AT&T and the other funders of the innocuous-sounding 'Arts + Labs' would hire this mercenary to deploy his arsenal of taunts and poisonous innuendo -- and then try to accuse Free Press and our allies of taking this debate into the gutter."

Free Press continues: "To be clear, no one is saying that AT&T and China are exactly the same or have the same motivations. But that doesn’t excuse the big phone and cable companies using the same kinds of technology to control Internet content for commercial ends in ways that don’t benefit Internet users."

Read the full op-ed here.